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A Different Approach to Trail Riding

Dedicated to Welfare 

Most of our horses are rescues. They came to us in various states of neglect. With quality care and training all of the boys enjoy their work and are healthy and happy! 

Second only to the safety of our guests, the care and welfare of our horses is the most important part of our business. As anyone can contest, good long term employees are hard to find.  Our horses will be with us for the duration of their lives. When finished their riding careers they will be retired to pasture.

Barefoot. All of our horses are horseshoe (steel) free.  As an alternative to steel shoes we fit the horses with rubber hoof boots to protect their feet from rocky terrain while being ridden. There have been numerous studies to show that steel horseshoes are detrimental to the health and longevity of horses for a variety of reasons.

Bitless. Our horses are ridden with hackamores (bridles without metal mouthpieces/bits). Again, many studies show that metal mouthpieces, in the wrong hands, can cause great pain and harm to horses.  Our horses go willingly and pain-free in bitless bridles.

Kindness. We utilize gentle training and handling techniques as we believe it creates a healthier, more willing and trustworthy horse.  As the saying goes "you will get more flies with honey than with salt".

Personal. We take out small groups average 3-6 riders. It gives us an opportunity to get to know you and enjoy the trails together.

"An opportunity to connect with horses"

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